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Uncover your life’s balance with our incredible online tool, and let me guide you toward a harmonious development of both your personal and professional life.


Discover the Transformative Power of Abundance

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Experience a Life-Changing Transformation in Just 8 Weeks!

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Creating the Life and Career You Love

In today’s fast-paced world, achieving a balance between work and personal life can often feel like an elusive goal.


Richard Oakes, OIO Group

"We are very happy with our collaboration because it resulted in a clearer idea of leadership amongst junior employees. Through indiviudal and collective sessions, our team realized what are their strength and weaknesses, how to focus on strengths and use them and what it means to be a leader. Anna and Thorsten were aware of the international context, which allowed them to adapt their approach and trajectory to our specific needs. We would like to work with BeyondC to strengthen and grow our team in the future!"

Ralf Z. Roche

I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to get 1:1 coaching with Thorsten. Along the journey, we explored and deepened topics that were important for both my personal and professional development. Thorsten is a very good listener and is able to create a safe environment very quickly. I felt at ease from the beginning. He asks questions at the right time and gives plenty of space for one to explore deeper. We finished each session with a concrete action for me to take to get closer to the objective we have set together. I am grateful for his coaching during this special journey of personal growth and I wish him continued success!

Dominique Switzerland

Thorsten is a terrific coach. He is always kind, sincere, positive, and calm. He is generous with his time and is flexible to meet my busy schedule. He has many amazing tools, methods, and approaches to help me realize the root causes for some of the challenges I face, and bring numerous a-ha moments and enlightenment into the coaching journey. Most important of all, he helped me build confidence and believe in myself that I would be able to keep solving issues on my own even after the coaching sessions are over. I highly recommend Thorsten as a career development coach and would not hesitate to have him as my coach again if such opportunities arise!

Qing San Francisco

We had the pleasure, having you as a coach for our Team Workshop. With his calm and empathetic manner and his knowledge, he made a significant contribution to ensuring that everyone in the team could identify with them. We have thus taken a big step towards our goal of achieving new team strength by getting to know ourselves better and sharing this knowledge with everyone. THank you very much!

Alexandra Switzerland

I was truly impressed with Thorsten' s ability to read the signs and tensions within the team, and more importantly, your skill in disarming those tensions and bringing the team together. His active listening was evident, and he created a safe environment that encouraged team members to speak up and discuss even the most challenging topics openly.

Nuha Costa Rica

In both instances, Thorsten was highly motivated and engaged. He quickly integrated into the team and demonstrated an ability to understand the different characters within the team. Through his questions, he involved all team members, creating a sense of unity. Obtaining a broad spectrum of opinions and thoughts is crucial in such a process. Thorsten acted very professionally in unlocking the potential of both individuals and the group. Even in situations where there was initial hesitation, he approached it from a different angle. During our LCP session, there was a moment of decreased motivation and engagement, but Thorsten managed to bring us back to a higher level of engagement.

Ralf Germany

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